The drinking water networks

In Gironde, losses from the mains drinking-water networks represent on average 25% of the volume taken from the natural environment. The department has put major efforts in this respect by setting up diagnostics on a large section of the drinking-water services in order to define the actions to be implemented.

The following actions were proposed: improve knowledge of the mains networks (GIS, division, modelling), renewal of leaking networks requiring substantial investment, and leak detection.

Another solution to reduce leaks that has not been looked at until now is pressure modulation.

Within the framework of the MAC Eau project, the Blayais water syndicate will assess the impact of pressure modulation on leaks. After a study which will define the optimal installation points, several pressure modulating valves will be installed in strategic areas of the system, the challenge being to to conserve sufficient pressure for all of the subscribers in the area.

The average pressure decrease should be around 4 bars. The impact of these modulators on leaks and breakages will be evaluated. A methodology that can be transposed to other authorities managing drinking-water networks will be proposed.


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Syndicat des eaux du Blayais