MAC Eau kits for private individuals

As part of the MAC Eau project, 80,000 kits will be distributed to households within Gironde. The objective is to measure the actual impact on drinking water consumption and withdrawals of deep groundwater.

A simple kit allows water saving of 30 to 40% in households, however the quantity saved where water is distributed on a much larger scale is not yet known. There are several reasons for this: the kit has not been installed, a malfunction, improper installation, etc.

The distribution will take place between April 2013 and December 2014, and by various means:

-  volunteer residents can purchase a kit either within their region during specific periods or from permanent distribution points after having registered on this website.

- via specific stakeholders (social landlords, CROUS…) who will install the kits in housing.

The impact will be measured from 2015, with an analysis of the consumption of equipped households compared to consumption before the equipment was installed. This analysis will be based on the specific methodology defined at the start of the project and will identify a representative sample of the Gironde population to estimate the savings for distribution on a much larger scale, such as a department. The subscribers’ consumption will be recorded in a dedicated database.

One of the factors to take into account will be climate variation which has a notable impact on consumption.



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