MAC Eau kits

Distribution will take place between April 2013 and December 2014. It will occur in a variety of ways:

In housing, the most significant water consumption occurs in toilets and bathrooms (almost 60% of consumption).

For further information on water consumption, please click here.

The kits are made up of items which help restrict output whilst retaining ease of use. The installation of a kit should reduce water consumption by 30 to 40% compared with a house without a kit installed.

The components of the kit are as follows:

- A shower output reducer or hydro-economical shower head (10 l/min maximum output)

- Two aerators for kitchen sink taps and bathroom washbasin (6 l/min maximum output)

- A 2-litre WC water-saving bag to be installed in the toilet flush cistern (only to be used when the flush is not already fitted with a dual control system)  

Kit MacEau2 540

The kits can be supplemented with additional aerators, shower output reducers and toilet bags, if required. 



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