The project has fulfilled the targets set at its launch, namely: 

  • Gauging the volumes of water saved in order to estimate the impact of measures on water use and consumption, as well as on the level of the water table;
  • Assessing the effectiveness of measures in order to produce decision-aid tools;
  • Proposing a method of transferring the experiment to other areas of Europe;
  • Raising awareness among the next generations and in communities of the need to save water, manage and control consumption and preserve resources;
  • Enhancing knowledge of water use and consumption.

 All these measures were analysed to measure the impact of each one on drinking water consumption habits, on water supply volumes and on groundwater levels in order to determine their effectiveness.

 The results and various reports will be published on this site in December 2017 under the “Output and Tools” tab.

 The project ends officially on 31 December 2017. However, some of its objectives are ongoing. The analyses will continue in order to enhance water-saving expertise, identify trends and clarify the results obtained during the life of the project.