Installation of rainwater tanks


Replacing drinking water with rainwater wherever possible (e.g. for watering the garden or washing the car) generates savings in drinking water. Homes and public buildings were thus equipped with rainwater tanks.

The objective of this action was three-fold: to analyse the measure’s effectiveness, raise awareness of water-saving measures and inform on the ways of using harvested rainwater.

To be downloaded (french version) : pdfNotice récupérateur d'eau


 Figure 8bis



 Rainwater tanks of between 500 and 20,000 litre capacity were installed in 66 homes and 4 public facilities. The harvested rainwater was intended for outdoor use: watering gardens and lawns, car washing, various DIY uses, etc. The installation was completely free of charge and allowed the people and municipalities involved to change their behaviour by using rainwater for the maintenance of parks and gardens and to reduce the volume, and therefore the cost, of drinking water consumed.