Raising awareness


Various awareness campaigns and training sessions in water-saving gestures were conducted among individuals, younger generations, professionals and elected representatives. A total of 200 meetings were organised to raise awareness, inform, train and distribute water-saving kits.

Numerous presentations on water conservation and management awareness were given by various associations involved in the EIEE (Water Conservation Information Campaign). Every year, 3,000 to 4,000 people were informed via these events.

Furthermore, more than 65 actions specific to the MAC Eau project were implemented during various cultural events that were not necessarily related to the theme of sustainable development (Mios Park Festival, Bordeaux Social Forum, Europe Day, etc.).

Specific actions were implemented among the younger generations via visits to primary and secondary schools, and the organisation of co-working sessions with environmental science students at the ISNAB (Bordeaux Institute of Agri-food and Natural Sciences).

Other interventions were conducted with hospital staff and patients, social landlords, shopping centres and various welfare stakeholders (including associations).