Socio-economic development, drought, population growth, etc.  Numerous factors threaten to create quantitative imbalances in water resources. That is why the MAC Eau project, under the coordination of the Gironde Département and in partnership with the SMEGREG, Mérignac Town Council and the Drinking Water Authority of Blaye (SIAEP), was launched in 2012. What are its main objectives? To protect water resources by controlling consumption and reducing leakage.

The project was 50% funded through the LIFE + Environment European program. The LIFE + program is a financial instrument of the European Commission entirely dedicated to supporting projects in the fields of environment and climate. It is aimed at public and private project promoters. It is a facilitator of innovative projects, for example on the conservation of species and habitats, the protection of soils, the improvement of the quality of air or water, waste management or adaptation to climate change, to feed knowledge and whose challenge is transferability at the Europe.

Created in 1992, through 4 programming programs, 3,954 projects were completed across Europe. For the period 2014-2020, the LIFE program has a budget of more than EUR 3 billion at European level divided into two separate subprogrammes: the Environment subprogramme and the subprogramme Actions for Climate ". LIFE grants are awarded through annual calls for projects, published in the spring.

A closing seminar was held in the Bordeaux premises of the Regional Council on 14 December 2017. 

Some one hundred participants attended the presentation of the methodology developed and the results.  Various speakers shared their experience in the implementation of actions and projects on similar themes.  The day was a great success and the majority of participant feedback demonstrated a genuine desire to engage in or continue these actions.


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