The project has enabled the development and implementation of complementary water-saving measures at different levels of water management:

  • Over 80,000 water-saving kits distributed across the département to nearly 60,000 households, in addition to complementary equipment in 108 public buildings;
  • 6 pressure modulators installed on the water authority network in the Blaye area;
  • 70 rainwater tanks installed in individual households and public buildings.
  • Awareness campaigns and training on water-saving actions among individuals, younger generations including school groups, and local authorities

The implemented measures were analysed in order to judge their effectiveness on drinking water use and on groundwater levels. This experience led to the elaboration of decision-aid tools for public policy-makers.

The full methodology deployed throughout the duration of the project (from its implementation to the analysis of results) is compiled in a downloadable method guide which can be found under the ‘Production and Tools’ tab, along with all the project deliverables.